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  My life is full of moving

My life is associated with a "permanent" change of accommodation. Maybe if you are living in a house in the nature accompanied by people and sheep, you are lucky. My current feeling of myself is that I must be a city dog. But I believe it is not my whole life state.
I was born in 2008 in Sandorfalva, a village in  Southern Hungary (near Szeged). After two months of my childhood I moved to the Czech Republic.
In 2008-2010 my home was Habrina, a village 20 km northern from the city Hradec Kralove. Together with by brother  Illes Rasty we alternately live in Habrina and Rodov (a village 3 km from Habrina).


In 2010 I moved to Hradec Kralove and my flat life started. I hope not for a long time. At first we lived in the Hradec part Slezske Predmesti. In 2011 we changed the home again, we moved to the Hradec part Trebes. Here I  gave  my first birth (litter A). Now I am four and next moving is expected in two years.

way from Habrina to Hradec Kralove


Slezske Predmesti, Hradec Kralove

Trebes, Hradec Kralove


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